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Greeting Cards

Beautiful digital artworks from your organisation to your clients for various occassions, like Happy New Month, Merry Christmas & Easter Holidays etc.

Audio Podcast

Record Educative Audio Presentations on your phone and have them edited with Intros and Outros, and uploaded on your website with associated SEO text.​


Articles posted on your website, technically written for SEO purposes, increase the online visibility of your website and also educate and inform potential clients.


Engage your audience with great content by taking simple videos with your phone and have it edited professionally with titles, music etc. and uploaded to your website via Youtube.

Corporate Graphics

Graphic designs for your events which can both be printed & digitally shared:


Business Cards,
Corporate Envelopes,
Stickers, Printwear,
Logos etc.

Campaign Graphics

These are communication and marketing tools used to consistently drive attention to a specific event or project.

Includes Flyers, Teasers, Posters, Banners Countdowns, Beautiful Fact Sheets, Printwear, Billboards, Stickers

Website Management

Get your website continuously updated visually to suite the current season, occasion or projects and get your website visitors attended to.

Posts from your website will be shared to your social media pages.

Official Templates

It is very important that Documents sent out by your organisation look great and follow formal standards, because they they don’t only communicate what you want to say but show who you are

These includes Letters, Company or Brand Profiles, Proposals, Invoices, Receipts etc.

Presentation Slides

Our team will transform your basic Power Points into Visually-appealing, and Professionally-looking digital slides that will aid your audience to get a deeper understanding of your presentation, and make them look forward to the next one.

Social Media Management

Keep your organisation or brand’s Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages updated with content you provide to reflect your current state. Keep it synced with your website to drive traffic and your followers attended to.

Online Accounting

Monitor your accounts via an accounting service provided on your website. Provide details on your income and expenses and sit back as all the rest of the work is done for you with software generated reports which are interpreted by an accountant.

Online Research

Get detailed information gathered online with statistical analysis to help you with your Marketing Strategy, Business Proposal Writing, Competitive Analysis, Price Determination etc.

Power Point Presentation Slides
GHC50 per slide (re-design)
GHC100 per slide (from scratch)
Social Media Management
GHC200 per account per month
Website Management
Starting at GHC200 per month
Online Accounting
Software Entries:
Website Development
Small Business Site: GHC1,500
Corporate Site: GHC2,500
E-commerce Site: GHC4,500
Campaign Graphics
Flyer: GHC100
Teaser: GHC50 each
Count-down: GHC30 each
Photo Editing
Starting at GHC50 per photo
Custom Templates
Letterhead: starting GHC100
Profile or Bio: starting GHC500
Custom Invoice:
Corporate Graphics
Business Card: starting GHC250
Brochure: starting GHC100 / pg
Logo: starting GHC200
Audio Podcast
Editing: GHC250 / hr
Uploads: project-based
Blog Post
GHC250 per 150 words
Jingle Production
Starting GHC500
Online Research
Greeting Cards
Starting GHC100
GHC10 / min
Vlog Post
Editing: GHC500/hr
Uploads per episode: