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Progressive Websites for Microcredit Businesses

With current trends and friendly national policies, it has become vital for microcredit businesses to invest in websites.

Progressive websites are scalable sites which, focus on functionality and usability, as opposed to native websites which focus on providing just information about a business.


Works on devices of different screen sizes. This includes Desktops, Laptops, Tabs, Smartphones etc.


Secured to prevent unauthorised access and hackers who may find interest in causing harm.​


Optimised to be fast on both desktop and mobile for the purposes of SEO and best user experience.


Search engine optimised for increased visibility to facilitate relevant search by potential clients


Educative articles about the line of business self-posted on the website increases general online visibility and relevance.


Seamlessly Integrated with Social Media Platforms, including, Facebook & Twitter. Excellent for driving traffic


Comes with an annual Maintenance Package which includes Hosting, Domain, Monitoring, as well as Technical Support whenever required.


Push notifications enable messages and updates to be sent to all users who have opted in on their smartphones at will.


Register new clients, book appointments or collect any kind of data anytime anywhere using online forms


Introduce all services and packages to potential customers and provide in-depth explanation to clients.

Web App

Powered by Progressive Web Apps, the website can be accessed even if offline by users, yet very light and reponsive.


Videos are a quick way to communicate with both clients and potential customers about your services on your website.


These are available to be included at extra costs.


Custom emails, as opposed to generic mails like G or Yahoo mail, enhance public perception as a serious business.


Online Accounts for interested clients provide updated information on their balances which they can check anytime.


Integrated online payments enable Clients to make payments via Credit Card and MOMO directly on the website.


For businesses who would want to incorporate the selling of certain products as a minor venture. e.g. Books on Finance

Social Ads

Reach more potential customers by running Social Media Ads on Facebook to drive them to your platforms for follow-up.


Official chatline on the website provides a more formal way of interacting with visitors to the website. Incorporates metrics for monitoring site Visitors


Audio podcasts are a great way to provide both educative and instructive content to users and visitors on the website; particularly for non-readers.


There are many professionals on LinkedIn who would find interest in the business if they receive content from the website whenever posted.

Management Service

Graphics & Design | Audio Editing | Video Editing | Content Uploads | Social Media Mgt. | Blog Articles

Empower your business with content services that bring your website and social media to life. Pay discounted retainer fees for bundled services which otherwise would have cost far more.

Graphic Designs for all your flyers, business cards, whatsapp status marketing posts, monthly social greetings.

Audio editing for podcasts and video editing for marketing content and educative content which are very good for website and social media. It is important to remain consistent in posting content in order to keep your audience engaged and informed.

Professional blog articles are written with SEO in mind, with the incorporation of photos and text backed by visually appealing styles.

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