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UMS Digital Podcast Service

Subscribe to UMS Digital’s management services and take advantage of the Audio Podcast service. Your target audience will be able to listen to your audios and download them. Subscribing to your channel, they would receive notifications whenever you provide any new content.

What is a Podcast?

A podcast is an episodic series of digital audio or video files which a user can download to listen.

Podcast Subscription

Podcasting uses a subscription model, whereby new episodes automatically download to the user’s computer, mobile app, or a portable media player like and iPod.

Podcast File Types

The files distributed are in audio format, but may sometimes include other file formats such as PDF or EPUB. Videos shared following a podcast model are sometimes called video podcasts, vodcasts or vlogs.

Podcast in Ghana

Podcasts are very common in Ghana, Africa today. Podcasts are used by particularly by Churches, Authors and Speakers, Radio Stations, and Bloggers. There is however vast untapped potential with regards to the use of podcasts in the sub region.

Podcasts here to Stay

With UMS Digital’s great experience in Audio Visual services in Ghana and beyond, we have seen a shift from Audio Plates to Cassettes, then to CDs and now to digital audios streamed online and downloaded to mobile devices.