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Hosting and Maintenance at GHC1000 only

For as low as GHC600 a year, get a great hosting package, and sweeten the deal with a Free Website with many other features and integrations.

The Truth about Websites


A website without a maintenance plan is short lived.

In today’s fast evolving internet, websites get easily outdated, sometimes in a couple of weeks, if not maintained.

Without maintenance, some aspects of the site can stop working or become vulnerable to attacks.

More importantly, Google and other search engines shy away from outdated sites, so you start losing online visibility.

What to do:

Don’t pay for a website without a maintenance plan.

Get a maintenance plan with a dependable webmaster

For GHC700 you get:

  • – 1 GB Hosting
  • – 10 GB Bandwidth
  • – 3 Emails
  • – Technical Support

Free Inclusions

  • – Domain
  • – Security (SSL)
  • – Website
  • – 5 Pages
  • – 5 Post Categories
  • – Self-posting
  • – Mobile Optimised
  • – Progressive Web App
  • – Push Notifications
  • – Whatsapp Chatline
  • – 1 Social Integration

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