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Content Updates

UMS Digital keeps your followers and website visitors engaged by regularly updating content on your website and social media pages. These updates are highly technical because they are done with Search Engine Optimisation factored into them. Our content management staff are trained to do this professionally for our clients.

Different Kinds of Content Updates

  • Page Updates
    This refers to an update of information on the main pages of a Client’s website or an update of the main information on a Client’s social media page.
  • Media Updates
    This focusses on an update of photos, audios or videos on a Client’s website or Social media pages.
  • Regularly Activity Posts
    Content gathered from activities held by a Client’s institution are updated on the website to reflect what transpired.
  • Articles and Devotionals
    These are transcribed and edited from the Client’s Audio Podcast. They can also be sent in text form for editing and uploading.
  • Reminders and Ads
    Reminders and Ads about the client’s events are published. The client may provide an Artwork, a Video Ad or Jingle which can be included as part of the content.

Update Frequency

The frequency of updates that you receive is based on the package that you choose. The higher you pay, the greater the update frequency.


  • All Content must be provided by the client on time. UMS shall not be blamed for updates not run due to non-provision or late provision of content by client.
  • Audio and Video content must be edited by the client.
  • UMS shall edit text content and photos before running updates.
  • UMS shall only configure or optimise audio and video for online use before running updates.


  • All content uploaded reflect the views of the client only. UMS Digital shall not be held liable for any content uploaded on either the Client’s website or Social Media pages.