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Continue impacting your congregation, members and the rest of the world with a global reach of the Gospel. UMS Digital church packages are Audio Visual and Online services bundled together in partnership with UMS Audio Visual. You will find here under this package, a complete list of options to get your congregation closer and closer to you.

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This is a collaborative, flexibly-priced, monthly service that manages the content of your Church or Ministry on all your online, social media and other media platforms and channels. Content comprises, Text, Audios, Videos and Graphics. Below are features of the service and benefits that you stand to gain upon sign-up.

1. Editing Support


UMS Digital provides support with edits for your Audios, Videos and Pictures with a professional touch. We employ our discretion from years of experience to ensure that the right content is published on your behalf.

  • Audio Features: Content Edit | Audio Enhancements | Jingles | Voice Overs
  • Video Features: Content Edit | Subtitling | Montage | Video Efx | Audio bgs |
  • Photo Features: Image Enhancements | Branding |

2. Transcribing+

At UMS, Transcribing goes beyond just converting audio to text, into publishing content that readers will find exciting and engaging. The following features bring your text to life:

  1. Topicalisation
  2. Paragraphing
  3. Imagery
  4. Advertising etc.

3. Blog Posts

Your followers stand benefit tremendously from daily posts from your Blog powered by UMS. Posts are like devotionals or daily inspirational content that educate, build faith and give hope to readers.
Blog posts have the following features:

  1. Engaging Topics
  2. Social Media Integration: Your blog posts shall be shared to all connected social media pages (both existing and newly created), including, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube and Google+. Links to the posts are also shared on Whatsapp. This drives a lost of visitors to your website where they can see more about your ministry.
  3. Imagery: Use of appropriate images to enhace communication.
  4. Advertising
  5. Interactive Comments: There is a section for viewers to comment and share.

There are 3 kinds of posts:

  1. Transcribed Posts: These are published summaries from sections of sermons ministered at the church. They are published daily throughout the week.
  2. Spontaneous Posts: Once in a while the head pastor is inspired to send out a message. This is also published as a blog post.
  3. Personal Posts: Leaders gifted with writing are able to prepare content to share with their followers on daily basis. We take this content, package it and share from the blog.


5. Website Management

You don’t have to worry about updates of your website any longer. The following are covered under our plans:

  • Content updates
  • Plugin updates
  • Front page slider updates
  • Creation of New pages to support content
  • Tagging and Search Engine Optimization
  • Generation of Forms etc.

6. Audio Podcast

Podcast are your audio sermons that UMS uploads online which are automatically downloaded to the computers or devices of your subscribers automatically.

7. Graphics Support

UMS provides support with graphics for your website and online communication. This is a colloboration between UMS and your already existing graphic designers or in-house media team.


8. Podcast

  • Weekly content updates
  • Social Media Integration: Content on your site is always shared with you social media pages encouraging your fans to visit your website and read more about you.
  • Audio Visual
  • Graphics
  • Visibility: Made possible by quality links to other ministries, pastors and churches


9. Storage

UMS stores all information used for your work forever (both edited and unedited), as long as you stay our client. You can still have access to this information anytime within 6 months after termination of client status for a fee, after which there is no gurantee of continued storage.


10. Reports

It is that time where you want to be sure of what you are paying for; UMS sends you monthly reports:

  1. Audit Report: Gives you an idea of the current state of your website and all your social media platforms and how they are performing
  2. Work Report: Outlines in detail all the work that has been done in the course of the month



  • Business Website
  • Merchant Website
  • Personal Website