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Bundled Services

Our unique bundled services provide you with utmost satisfaction as you get to focus on the core your responsiblities in your business or organisation while leaving all your digital communications work to our team. This comprises:

  • Creatives
    • Graphic Design
    • Audio and Video Edits
  • Online Work
    • Website development
    • Content management (regular updates)
    • Daily posts to mobile platforms e.g. whatsapp
  • Social Media Work
    • Facebook
    • Twitter
    • Google+

Whether in London, Accra, Johanesburg, Columbus or in any part of the world, there is no limitation to what we are about to achieve together in supporting you with digital communications.


Bundled Service provide you the following advantages:

Discounted costs due to regular service

  • Convenience
  • Monthly Reports
  • Possible Special Surprise Bonuses

List of Bundled Services

  • Merchant Plan: for Wholesale and Retail Shops
  • Business Plan: for Businesses and Organisations
  • Education Plan: for Schools
  • Church Plan: for Churches
  • NGO Plan: for Non-profit Organisations
  • Health Plan: for Hospitals, Clinics, Pharmaceutical Agencies and Health Institutions