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Get International Recognition for Your School

What Parents Look Out For Now

There are many basic or standard features that the average parent looks out for in a any school nowadays. you cannot afford to miss out on them because though you may overlook it now but it will soon cost you dearly.


This generation thrives on information and the next generation who are now children are going to depend more heavily on information.

Majority of information now does not dwell on the good old radio and tv platforms. 70% of information relevant to children and youth and young parents are now found on the internet. This is why every radio or tv station now has an online station and all the big supermarkets and stores now have online stores.

Progressive Attitude

Parents want to see a progressive school. Even iliterate parents want their wards to be in international schools if they can afford it. So why are you depriving them of international standards though it’s so affordable.

Visionary School

There is no growth in any institution without a set destination. And every parent knows this. So as long as parents want a great future for their school, they prefer a school who can boast of driving towards a great future.

Take a Step Now

Don’t be left behind. You may think you have a big school now, but if you do not step up your game with online presence you will regret later when your competitors have taken the lead. This is the time to build your online presence and let people know the great benefits served at your school and earn your respect internationally. The same people who tell you it is not important now will tell blame you later.

Building a website or social media is not enough; let professional people manage it for you. Call UMS Digital today on 020 952 8694, and get a good management deal to keep your websites and social media alive.

God bless you.

To discuss your school website requirements in detail, give us a call on +233 (20) 952 8694 or +233 (54) 030 2788 or drop us an email at umsdigital@gmail.com or info@umsdigital.org, we’d love to hear from you!

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