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10 Benefits from Audio Recording

audio recording in Accra Ghana Churches


Recording your events serves you many advantages or benefits which may not immediately be discerned. From one audio recording you can get not less than 6 benefits:

  1. Audio CDs (Can be sold or shared)
  2. MP3 CDs (Can be sold, shared or archived)
  3. Books from Transcribing (very essential)
  4. Podcast on iTunes (downloads good for teaching)
  5. Audio on your Website (drives listeners to your website)
  6. Ringtones (very catchy and memorable)
  7. Jingls and advertising (promotes your ministry or organisation)
  8. Caller tunes (very catchy and memorable)
  9. Whatsapp Audio (for sharing and status display)
  10. Organisational Archives (for referencing and development)

With these and other benefits, you would be doing yourself a great disservice if you do not record your sermons.

How To

All you need to record is:

  1. Audio Mixer
  2. Laptop / Desktop Computer
  3. Connecting Cables
  4. Software
  5. 1-day Training (any available Saturday)

Training must be done well so that your recordings can be prefessionally done, void of environmental noise and secured. A good training organisation shall provide you No. 3, 4 and 5; hence all you need is a laptop.

The greatest institutions ever established on earth had recording or record keeping as their secret.

Wake up to the truth today and do the right thing. From now onwards, you have no excuse to fail recording

I recommend CG Training Consult; call them on (054-3627478 or 054-0302788)

Thank You,
God Bless You


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